Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Welcome to Craft Beer London - the blog

The Craft Beer London app has been out for over a month now and the response from the capital's beer lovers has been tremendous. That's why we thought it was time to offer something else, in the form of a blog. Now that might not sound particularly original - the beer world has its fair share of excellent blogs - so we're going to aim to offer something slightly different, something along the lines of what I used to produce in my days at The Independent.

The aim is to give you a taste of beer culture, both in this city and further afield. The British beer scene has never been so complex: each brewer has his or her own philosophy and if you understand that then, perhaps, you can enjoy the beer even more. It's a living, vibrant culture and I'm hoping I'll be able to reflect that on this blog.

And even if I can't, at the very least it might introduce you to some interesting beers that you won't have tried before.